HTS (High-throughput Screening) Service Lab


  • Csaba Hegedűs, Ph.D. (head of the laboratory)
  • László Virág, M.D., D.Sc (consultant)

The HTS Lab is open to do contract research (assay development, screening of compound libraries) for investigators of the University as well as for external partners.



  • Tecan Freedom EVO 150 liquid handling robot with
    • 8 channel pipetting head
    • (disposable or fix tips, low volume option)
    • 96 channel head
    • independent robotic arm
    • pin tool (for compound transfer in nanoliter quantities)
    • shaker module (2 microplate)
    • incubator module (6 microplate)


  • Plate washer TECAN  Power Washer 384
    • accepts 96 and 384 well plates
    • (integrated into the liquid handling robot)
  • Opera Phenix High-Content Analysis equipment
    • accepts 96 and 384 well plates
    • environmental control (temperature and CO2 only) for live cell imaging
    • Harmony software for image analysis
  • Tecan Spark multimode plate reader
    • ABsorbance (monochromator 230-999nm, fluorescence (monochromator, top and bottom reading), luminescence
    • Alphascreen. TRF. HTRF, fluorescence polarization
    • well imaging (limited)
  • Cell culture unit (laminar air flow box, CO2 incubator, inverted microscope)
  • Access to the Compound Library of the Organic Chemistry Department

Reference: HTS screening of a small in house compound library (published in Pharmacological Research) can be viewed here.

Our service is accessible also for internal and external users for a determined fee. Can be used with the permission of the head of the facility and with the supervision of the leader of the facility.

Pricing: see attachments below

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